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This is a very, very deep clearing which I recorded December 12 2021. I call it the "Mother of All Clearings". This is the Audible version & Subliminal version package. Clear and maintain your personal energy Reprogram your subconscious Take back your personal power now Be the master of your life. Stand in truth no matter what. Regain your vital energy. Increase your prosperity & much more.... 6 Profound Benefits of 639 Hz – The Frequency of Love & Harmony The 639 Hz frequency is the fourth on the ancient Solfeggio scale. It represents love, understanding, communication and positive energy. It is considered the frequency of the heart and corresponds with the Heart Chakra. 639 Hz is said to reconnect us with love for self and others, and promote the mending of broken relationships and the spread of kindness and compassion. This leads to peace and harmony in your life. The Solfeggio scale contains 9 tones (frequencies), which are derived from an ancient scale of music. These frequencies correspond to aspects of our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. The tones are considered to have healing properties and, when listened to, the mind and body responds and absorbs the healing properties of the vibrations. 639 Hz is a profound frequency that revolves around everything to do with love. Here's a summary of the benefits you may enjoy through regular listening: Helps heal broken relationships by giving you the love and positivity to reach out and mend broken bridges. Promotes better communication, understanding and tolerance through love. Helps you let go of jealousy, envy, hate, and intolerance. Helps you create new harmonious relationships. Rebalances and unblocks your Heart Chakra. Brings greater peace and harmony to your life.

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